5 Things to Know as a Trade Show Exhibitor

5 Things to Know as a Trade Show Exhibitor:

1. Not Defining Why You are There:

Not Defining Why You are There
Not Defining Why You are There

Try to get your goals laid straight and make sure you and your booth staff are well informed of the expected result out of this exhibition.


 2. Not Training Booth Staff:

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Not Training The Staff

We sure agree that you might need some help with handling the exhibition as you cannot do it alone and that is perfectly normal. However, it is important to train them to be polite and not indulge in any unpleasant behaviour at the exhibition as someone or the other is busy making their first impression about you, your product and your brand.


3. Overloading Too Much Information:

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Overloading Too Much Information


Your visitors are sure interested to know more about your product, but not all about your organization. So keep it simple and answer to the point rather than overloading too much of information.


4. Being Quick to Pack Up:

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Being Quick to Pack Up

First person to be there at an exhibition might seem good, however if you are the first person to leave the venue, then there is a lot that you would be missing out on, as a lot of networking and discussions happen post the event.

5. Not Realizing the Importance of Follow- Ups: 


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Not Realizing the Importance of Follow- Ups

Most events do not end when the visitors leave the venue, actually that is where the most important part begins. So, make sure you follow up with your prospective leads and track them based on their preferences to make sure you develop a good number of qualified leads out of the expo.

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