7 Reasons Why Your Exhibition Is Failing (and How to Fix It)

7 Reasons Why Your Exhibition Is Failing (and How to Fix It)
7 Reasons Why Your Exhibition Is Failing (and How to Fix It)

Do you know why most exhibitions fail? No, it is not due to the of lack of visitors.Even the ones that get a lot of traffic tend to fail.


There are 7 strategies that every exhibition needs to follow in order to be successful.However, if you are backed by a wonderful PR agency promoting all your activities then you might not need these 7 strategies for the success of your exhibition.

Here are 7 Reasons Why Your Exhibition Is Failing (and How to Fix It):

Reason #1: You are not collecting email ids:

Email is the one invention online which has withstood the test of time and is here to stay. So, make the most of it and collect email addresses from your visitors. This would not just help you intimate them about your upcoming events, but would also be an ideal way to follow up and increase your number of quality leads at the end of the exhibition.

Simple digital collateral distribution tools like Digibroc can come handy in helping you collect your visitor information without increasing the queue at the booth as it allows your visitors to scan a QR Code and get your collaterals.

Reason #2: You do not have a target audience in mind:

You are exhibiting without a proper target community in mind, or because you do not have a target community whom you are aiming at addressing.If you have not yet decided on your target community, then you should get to work on it instantly. A simple way to boost your exhibition response in to follow the tips in this post.

Reason #3: Your exhibition does not engage:

It is important to have a significant personality for your stall at the exhibition, which would set it apart from the rest as the visitors at the exhibition have a bare minimum of few seconds to make an impression on your exhibition and why they should buy your products and services.

Reason #4: You are messed up:

You are busy trying to attract every visitor at the exhibition and the stall is all cluttered with papers, brochures and handouts. This would turn off most of the visitors thereby fading away your prospects of getting quality leads for your stall. You should probably organizer your stall to make it stand apart from the rest, without costing you a bomb. How would you do that? Well maybe you could follow the tips in this post.

Reason #5: You are giving away everything for free:

It is important for you to train your visitors to be buyers, if you are giving away freebies to everyone that walks past your stall you are doing no good to the business. Buying does not always mean that you should be selling something tangeable to your readers. You could even do something simple like asking for the email ids of your visitors in exchange for your freebies or information,which would be your first step towards boosting the conversion rates at the exhibition.

Reason #6: You see exhibition as a branding activity and not a prospect for finding leads:

When you treat exhibiting as a prospect of finding leads, you would not evaluate it by the  number of brochures you distributed or the freebies you gave away or the number of visitors who approach your stall. You would be able to view things in a detached form from a pedestal placed high where you observe details from a higher altitude that would help you notice things like, which aspect of your product attracted more leads, ways in which you can outperform your competition,etc.

By taking exhibitions seriously, you would give it the priority it deserves.

Reason #7: You are not in love with your product:

This does not mean something in a creepy way. But, how can you sell something that you are not convinced about yourself? If you do not love your product it would show in the way you sell it. To produce quality leads at an exhibition or any selling attempt, it requires you to have the commitment and passion for what you do you.


If you observe that you are guilty of having committed any of the above 7 reasons for failing at exhibitions then do not stress about it. There is still time to fix things and recover towards achieving a successful exhibition.

Exhibition can be a great channel for your business, and it can generate a lot of revenue for you. But for exhibitions to work in your favor, you would have to implement the above advices. If you do not, then that is fine. You can still continue exhibiting,  but just do not expect to make much money from it.

So, why do you think most exhibitors fail? 



Responsible for Exhibition Budget? 4 Top Notch Ways to Spend Your Money

Responsible for Exhibition Budget? 4 Top Notch Ways to Spend Your Money:

Best ways to save money at exhibitions, exhibition tips,Responsible for Exhibition Budget? 4 Top Notch Ways to Spend Your Money, Digibroc, Save Paper, Expo

So your organization is gearing up to host an exhibition and you have been made in charge for handling the exhibition budget. We sure know that you want to strike an impression on your boss for saving immensely on the budget. Here are 4 Top Notch Ways to Spend Your Money efficiently.

Do not shoot up on your freebie budget:

Give aways at exhibitions consume a major chunk of the exhibition budget, however you could save immensely on the same by avoiding fancy and unwanted giveaways. Also evaluate your audience before giving away the freebies.

Read:Heading to an Exhibition? You Are Sure to Meet these 5 People

Avoid Printing Material Unless Necessary: 

When you print, you would have to spend immensely on both printing and distribution costs apart from the expenses on logistics. So, cut down on paper wherever possible and go Digital. This would also save on the reprinting costs, which needs to be incurred when content needs to be changed in a printed material. Digital data comes with the flexibility of being modified at any time.

Use Natural Light: 

If the climate is not hot and sunny, then try to light up your exhibition using natural light as this would help you save immensely on the electricity and generator expenses. Not just that you would also be doing your bit to the environment by not adding to the carbon emission.

Pick the right Venue: 

The right venue is something that would have the perfect amenities you would need with little cost, also make sure that your venue is centrally located as it would be more accessible for your visitors who are the prime purpose for the exhibition to take place. Decide the venue on the basis of the audience that you are expecting, as you would not want an extremely packed or completely empty exhibition hall. You can search for your ideal venue on websites like www.venues.meraevents.com, which offer comprehensive listing of venues of all kinds.

5 Exhibition Lessons You Can Learn From Ants

5 Exhibition Lessons You Can Learn From Ants:

5 Exhibition Lessons You Can Learn From Ants, Exhibition Lessons You Can Learn From Ants, Exhibition Lessons, Exhibition Tips, Trade Show Tips, Digibroc

Ants are tiny creatures, and probably you seem them as the most insignificant of the lot, so we are sure you are not ready to believe us when we say that ants could teach you something valuable and that too about the exhibition industry. Well, Well put your skepticism to rest as the ants are sure to surprise you.

7 Exhibition Lessons You Can Learn From An Ant

  Ants Work With A Purpose: By purpose we mean a clear idea on the desired results. So, when you are organizing an exhibition make sure you have your purpose and clear idea about the outcome. Make sure you know if you are looking for quality leads or just branding from the exhibition.

7 Exhibition Lessons You Can Learn From An Ant

 Ants Work as a Team: The success of your exhibition would depend on your coordination with your team members, so always be prepared to work as a team, towards the achievement of a common goal.

7 Exhibition Lessons You Can Learn From An Ant

 Ants have a time to work and also time for rest: There is a difference between hard work and smart work, when you work hard, with no time to rest, you are sure to hit the panic button and roll crying for help. So, work like the way ants do and set apart ample time for rest, even while you are at the trade show. You could coordinate with your booth staff/team and schedule your breaks as exhibitions include long hours of standing and you might need some rest.

7 Exhibition Lessons You Can Learn From An Ant

 Ants Think Big Always: Although they seem to be the most insignificant creatures on earth, the colonies they build and the contribution to their society is extremely significant and great. Follow the example and set your goals high and strive to your fullest to achieve the same. Make sure you drive in more out of every trade show that you are a part of than anyone else would have ever thought off.

7 Exhibition Lessons You Can Learn From An AntAnts Prepare Ahead of Time: While we all like to take time off and relax on a summer afternoon, ants prefer to work in anticipation of a rainy day. So, work hard and prepare ahead of time. The only way you can maximize the output out of your exhibition is by preparing ahead of time for the possible pitfalls you could experience at the event.

Top 3 Exhibition Mistakes that Cost You Valuable Conversions

Top 3 Exhibition Mistakes that Cost You Valuable Conversions:

Top 3 Exhibition Mistakes that Cost You Valuable Conversions
Top 3 Exhibition Mistakes that Cost You Valuable Conversions

If you are a small business or brand, exhibitions are the  most effective selling tool. When prospects first visit your stall, it needs to:

  • Build their trust and
  • Convince and convert them to become loyal customers.

We have observed and learned that the secret to outstanding exhibition and trade show performance (and it cannot just be good anymore, it has to be outstanding) is to avoid these 3 costly mistakes:

Poor Booth Design:

Make your exhibition booth or your stall stand out from the rest. A poor booth design puts off your chances of attracting any prospective customers. Make your booth seem worth their time and not just like any other blade of grass in the garden among the 30 to 40 odd stalls at the expo.

Be brighter, funnier, simpler, maybe even crummier, but don’t just look good ensure that you are extraordinary and outstanding. 

Do not seem occupied:

If you are busy chatting away (on the phone or with other booth staff),you would be perceived as being busy and people might not be willing to interrupt. So, make sure you have all your attention dedicated towards the purpose of your presence at the exhibition.

Avoid eating at your stall or siting. If need be excuse yourself from the stall and arrange a suitable substitute to take over the responsibility. 

No Customer Experience In Mind:

Not placing the customers first is the primary reason for  failure of exhibitions. Most Exhibitors go to the trade shows thinking, that “We want to tell the world about us, we want to get leads.” Whereas, the winners think, “When someone comes to our booth we want them to be intrigued enough to learn more about what we do.”  This difference in attitude makes abundance of difference that could turn the tables upside down for the exhibitors.

For more tips  about exhibitions and  trade show marketing subscribe to our posts here.

5 Dos and Don’ts for Exhibitors

Exhibitions offer ample opportunities for organizations and exhibitors to promote the brand, product,etc., while also serving as an ideal ground for market research and derive user feedback on the products. However, most exhibitors fail to make the most out of the opportunity as they lack the proper guidance about the accepted behavior at trade shows and exhibitions. So, here we are with a complete guide of 5 Dos and Don’ts for Exhibitors, which you can practise for optimum results at your next trade show/ exhibition.

5 Dos and Don’ts for Exhibitors:

5 Dos and Don'ts for Exhibitors
5 Dos and Don’ts for Exhibitors


1.Research: Research about the audience and visitors that would be attending the exhibition and see if that matches your product identity as an exhibition might draw huge number of visitors, but not those who might possess an interest in your product. So, make sure you spend ample amount of time and resources on the first hand research rather than spending all your resources where you would hardly develop any quality leads.

Research Before You Exhibit
Research Before You Exhibit

2. Stand Out from the rest: The attendees at the exhibition are likely to visit almost every stall at the exhibition,which would mean that unless you stand out from the rest and explore creative ways of presenting your product or brand, the likeliness of the visitors recalling you stall.

Why use QR Codes instead of Brochures at Trade Shows?
Use QR Codes instead of Brochures at Trade Shows

You could probably try to Revolutionize tradeshows with Digital Brochures as this would mean that you not just save on printing costs and go green you could also effectively Track your Business leads effectively at Trade Shows. The going green and saving paper concept is like the brownie points your brand would earn from the visitors apart from saving you ample amounts of energy and resources.

3. Remember that your presence is representing your product or brand: At an exhibition people are constantly watching you and you are constantly leaving a first impression on someone so make sure you leave a good impression on everyone that is watching you. This visitors are looking at your booth and probably asking themselves if they need what you are offering and then decide on that by looking at you to know if they would want to work with you. This is probably not the right time for you to scratch or pick yourself.

You get just one chance to make a first impression, so make sure you make a good one as at trade shows it is these impressions that you leave on your visitors for which you and your organization would be remembered.

Make A Good First Impression
Make A Good First Impression

4. Remember the 80/20 Rule: People love to speak so make sure you let your visitors speak their queries and then address their questions to the point as nobody is practically interested in the entire history of the organization. Also make sure you ask your visitors if you have adequately answered their question with the pertinent information.

Tip: Incase, you feel a bit nervous make sure you take a breath or two, You would be happy you did.

80/20 Rule | Listen More Speak Less
80/20 Rule | Listen More Speak Less

5.Follow Up: Follow up is the most important and the highly ignored aspect of a trade show as the event does not end once you leave the venue. In fact that is where the crucial part of the exhibition starts as you would settle down to get back in touch with the vast data of leads that you had gathered at the exhibition. You would surely be glad that you did follow up.

Follow Up on Your Leads
Follow Up on Your Leads


1. Don’t overload the attendees with information: It often happens at trade shows that the exhibitors tend to overload the visitors with information, mostly because of their nervousness. Instead of trying to bombard the visitors with excessive of information and brochures you can Revolutionize tradeshows with Digital Brochures.

Tip: Read  Why use QR Codes instead of Brochures at Trade Shows?4 Ways to Make business Exhibitions Work for You and 5 Reasons Why you Should Switch to A QR Code from a Brochure.

5 Dos and Don'ts for Exhibitors
5 Dos and Don’ts for Exhibitors

2. Do not Eat or chat at the exhibition booth: People would seldom want to disturb you in the middle of your meal, so if you are busy gorging on something you are also eating away a lot of your opportunities of getting quality leads. Also make sure you do not engage yourself in a conversation on the phone or talking with other booth staff, as you would be sending across a wrong message that “I am busy, so please spend your time and money elsewhere,” which is surely not what you might intend.

5 Dos and Don'ts for Exhibitors

3. Don’t Smack at your visitors or other exhibitors: Whether it is your booth staffers, attendees or competitors all your conversations could and would be overheard and this would pass on the subtle message to your visitors if they should trust you as a person. In almost every buying decision, what is on sale is almost ancillary as compared to the impression we make on those who are selling the product to us.

Your Conversions Could and Would be Overheard
Your Conversions Could and Would be Overheard

4. Do not have untrained booth staff: Make sure that all your booth staff are well trained and are presentable to be a part of the exhibition. It should be your primary responsibility to train your booth staff and ensure that they are well informed of the objectives of being at the exhibition. Also make sure to train them in the acceptable body language at the booth as people might surely not wish to visit your booth letting the leads pass by you.

5 Dos and Don’ts for Exhibitors

The tradeshow environment is surely a tough one and by the end of the day your entire body is sure to feel weak and numbed. However, make sure you never sit down at the booth as this might make you seem lazy and less approachable. So, if you are really unable to stand any longer make sure you find a substitute take on your stall and excuse yourself for a break rather than staying at the stall and doing more harm than good for the business with your sulking body language.

5. Do not hand out brochures without getting information in return: 

Annotate your leads as you go and make sure you take the visitors information before handing out brochures and giveaways. However, this might take too much of your time and people might walk past your stall if they it is too crowded with people trying to fill up their details.

This is where you can get a bit innovative and go digital at your stall, one simple way to do this is to embed a QR code on the standee which when scanned via a smartphone would lead the visitor to the brochure page (post they enter their contact information). This would mean that it would help you generate quality leads and also keep a track of the products that really inspired your lead.  Watch this Video to know how you can use QR Codes instead of Brochures at Trade Shows.

Why use QR Codes instead of Brochures at Trade Shows?
Why use QR Codes instead of Brochures at Trade Shows?