5 Tips to Go Green at Events this Earth Day

Tips to Go Green at Events this Earth Day
5 Tips to Go Green at Events this Earth Day

You have been planning for several days to organize that perfect exhibition,which would bring value to your organization, but you still don’t find something that would make it stand out from the rest. Then do not strain your brain trying to come up with innovative ideas that would cost you a bomb, instead you could simply “go green” and save a lot of money, while also standing out from the rest.

Here are 5 Tips to Go Green at Events this Earth Day that would help you stand out from the rest.

5. Optimise Energy Use: 

Optimise Energy Use| Tips to Go Green at Events this Earth Day

Try to conduct your events during the day, which would provide ample bright light, helping you to save immensly on the fancy lighting costs. Also ensure that the electronic gadgets and equipments have been plugged out and not just switched off, as most of these equipments come with a facility to backup power for over 3-4 hours, which would mean that they would be drawing the power of 15 or 20 watts even when they’re turned off.


Transpotation | Tips to Go Green at Events this Earth Day

Plan your event in a place that would not require your guests to travel far,which would result in excessive vehicular pollution. Also try to arrange for an eco friendly vehicle like a golf car to shuttle the guests around the event venue, which would save on ample fuel and its emission.

3.Avoid Priniting Brochures:

Going Paperless
Going Paperless

Avoid printing brochures and go digital, this would not just save you immensly on printing, distribution and logistics, but would also earn you brownie points as you would be saving immensly on paper and doing your bit to save the earth. There are numerous collateral distribution tools like Digibrocwhich would help you go paperless at your events with ease.

2. Use the Internet for Event Promotions: 

Promote Your Event Online | Tips to Go Green at Events this Earth Day
Promote Your Event Online

In the age of information and technology, it is easy, economical and eco friendly to promote your events online as compared to the traditional marketing tools, which would require the abuse of numerous resources. Reduce waste by using websites like MeraEvents.com where you can list, promote and sell tickets for your events online. You could also Send them reminders and deliver their tickets online.

1. Use Organic Products:

Use Organic Goods | Tips to Go Green at Events this Earth Day
Use Organic Goods

 Normal party ware is full of toxic dyes and plastic, and a goal of any eco-friendly event should be to decrease our dependency on petroleum. Try places that you can find everything from beautiful bamboo plates to recyclable paper tablecloths, the best option is to use less plastic cutlery.

Hope these tips were helpful, make sure to give back your bit to the earth not just today, but every day as it is our shared responsibility to protect the earth. Happy Earth Day.

Tips to Go Green at Events this Earth Day
Happy Earth Day