Five tips to optimize your event website for search engines

If you are organising an event , SEO is one of the best effective channels for increasing traffic on your event webpage. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. If you want to enhance your relationship with existing and potential customers this will help you and your event. Designing user-friendly, attractive site helps drive traffic to your doorstep. Creating a site like this will boost both your reputation and profits, so get started today!

Optimize your on-page contentOptimize your on-page content

Creating a website that appeals to search engines can be challenging, but it is critical, if you want your Webpage to generate a steady steam of traffic. That is where effective Webpage optimization tricks will work well.

Keyword research

When it comes to optimization, it’s all about placing the right keyword tags in the key places throughout your site.  These are the: headlines, sub-headlines, body content, image tags, and links.  The key tactic is to place your terms, but not to go overboard with keyword stuffing.  With the recent changes, keyword stuffing will hurt your ranking.

Create quality contentCreate quality content

Good Web content is a critical factor in keeping site visitors interested and coming back for more. It’s also the key to higher search engine rankings. Major search engines typically require you to have at least 200 to 250 words on each Web page. So it’s important to include plenty of valuable content to appeal to search engines-and visitors.

Build links

Think about making your customer’s journey within your website as easy and smooth as possible. The shorter the steps they need to make to find your contact details, to register, or to complete a sale, the higher success rate you would receive. Search engines crawl your website through your navigation links, so if your customers are happily browsing, good chance that search engine crawlers are too.

Get social - Go ViralGet social – Get viral

When you create event profiles for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc., make sure that you include the link back to your site. You would be amazed how many people either overlook this or simply forget to do it. While you may not get a lot of SEO value from the social profile links themselves, but they may surely get picked up elsewhere.

Tip: Give a try to DigiBroc, an online tool that has been created to change the way exhibitors today are delivering their sales collaterals, product information and other critical information that has always been printed in brochures, data sheet or handout format.These materials cost more in printing and shipping to eventually end up in the the trash rather than reviewed for the importance of their content.

Why your business should host an event (And how to run it successfully)

CorporateEventsThese days, almost every top-notch corporate organization have their events that help in reinforcing the company and reaching out to maximum people about the company plans and progress. Events are helpful in reaching towards the right segment audience. Organizing such types of corporate events can greatly improve morale and encourage employees and regular clients to have more belief in the company. Benefits offered by such well-planned corporate events are innumerable. Right from the product launches to press conferences; every business event helps develop a strong relationship between the company’s core team and the potential customers or supporters, thereby enabling them to communicate and share one-on-one thoughts about the company’s development.

event-corporateIt is possible that your target audience using the media would strongly help you push your company’s name a step further by curating media and press releases that will reach thousands or millions of people. This in turn brings in an echo of audience to your future events. Events also play a major role at helping employees to bond together and develop deeper interpersonal relationships. A bond between your employees will surely lead to better team spirit and to reinforce their commitment to the team and encourage the customers by engaging them with these events. Hosting a corporate social event entails of hard work and good organizational skills.

For a successful corporate event, a Corporate Event Planner should get his or her facts straight and then plan everything. A perfect event should have:

  • Contact the necessary people or organizations to discuss possible venues for the events. You can also check out MeraEvents Venues
  • Make sure that the date selected for the Corporate Event is on a date when there will be possibility of maximum numbers of delegates who would be able to attend. You can use MoozUp app to connect with your attendee’s and get them engaged.
  • Try using simple registration process using MeraEvents online platform, thereby giving your audience an opportunity to book the tickets right from their homes.
  • Consider the invitations, decorations and corporate giveaways. You can now upload and customize your digital brochures using DigiBroc.
  • Call out best speakers, so that the event would be very knowledgeable, so that after attending the event, be sure that they be walking away with something of value.
  • During the event photos and videos can be captured, so that it could be uploaded on webpage or social media.
  • Convey a positive message about your company with a memorable corporate event.

Tradeshow marketing tips for the five human senses

Sight power

Sight PowerIt is the most important aspect amongst the five senses when it comes to fair and trade exhibits as displays are the foremost thing which is looked upon.

The prospective buyers may have questions about who you are when they pay a toll at your booth. But, don’t expect them to be much curious as they are surrounded with myriad of options hovering around.

While they enter your booth:

  • An orderly uniform or T-shirts worn by the staff will not only help gaining the attention but, it will also be an aid for attendees to clear their queries on the spot.
  • Logos being clearly displayed and hanging banner signs promotes the brand and is easily recognisable from afar in the event space.

Smell spell          

Smell SpellAfter some researches, it has been considered that smell plays a very important role in social arenas. As per Scents Communication, “Scents as part of a sensory branding strategy will connect consumers to a brand and help increase the brand identification and loyalty.” This approach has been applied in events of few retailers like Samsung and has been successful by far.

Scent affects:

  • Safety and security: Talcum powder
  • Freshness and alertness: Peppermint, citrus
  • Relaxed mind: Lavender, vanilla, chamomile
  • Making look the room smaller: Barbecue smoke
  • Making look the room bigger: Apple, cucumber
  • Buying  furniture: Leather, cedar
  • Buying home: Fresh baked goods
  • Staying for long: Tailored floral/citrus scents

Sound charm

According to Mehrabian, “Feelings when expressed, 7% of words are accountable and 38% of tone, for the liking of that source.” Confidence is the key to sit on the seat of success.

Sounding confident can be easy while:

  • You ensure the team staff members are fluent of answering the frequently asked questions. Absence of any kind of mumbles helps engaging buyers and makes them proceed further.
  • You enhance them to speak in a relaxed manner in order to make those prospective buyers remember you from the hustle-bustle of other booths.
  • You make them add emphasis on certain words or phrases to add clarity to the speech. 

Tantalising taste

Even after putting so many efforts on set up, staff appearance and booth display, attendees just pass by with a shallow glance without any guarantee of coming back. This is because; they have a bunch of other vendors waiting for their attention.

To be more effective of all, another trick which can be put into use is of offering delicious snacks to munch on. The more enticing the food looks, more are the visitors.

This can possibly be gourmet cookies, wonderful smelling coffees or fancy looking cupcakes.

Intriguing touch

A study by few psychologists from Incomm Center suggests that if you shake hands with people, they are twice as likely to remember you than if you didn’t shake hands.

Tips on greeting with handshakes

  • Before shaking hands, introduce yourself to make it more confident.
  • Make it precise by making it for 2-3 pumps i.e., lasting for 3-4 seconds.
  • Avoid doubt-handed shakes as it looks unprofessional.

It is very important to match grips as it differs from person to person. Like, women tend to have a softer grip than men.

10 Recommendations for more greener events

10 Recommendations for more greener eventsLet’s face it everybody- Going Green. Okay, maybe not everyone cares about being eco-friendly, and some uncreative folks still think going green costs too much and will blow out their budget. Going events Eco-friendly is a great idea for the future of our world. Being eco-conscious can save companies from rising production costs on energy bills, and there are several ways to achieve that objective.

1. TRANSPORATION: Members are informed about the most environmental friendly means of transport e.g. Set up a car-pooling system in advance. Avoid using personal vehicles and prefer to use public transportation. As cars add to the emissions released which can hurt the environment. So it’s a good option to use bicycles, hybrid/electric cars benefit of using, them for commuting is that it keeps you healthy and saves money at the same time and it is also the most eco-friendly ride as it does not harm the environment. Using a train instead of a plane. As they are also dangerous for our environment or Use direct flights.

2. ACCOMMODATION: Try to arrange the eco-labelled hotel near the Venue, So that the Participates can reach to the Venue by walking distance. Prefer hotels where, furniture supplier, custom pieces built with environmentally sustainable techniques or materials. They also use almost exclusively recycled items and adopt the technology of photovoltaic panels to supply power to the hotel.

3. FOOD: Prefer vegetarian. This type of diet is much better for the environment as it is simpler. Look for caterers who work with organic and locally grown suppliers, choose things that can be made with locally grown, in-season fruits and vegetables. Select buffet style menus. Use minimum packaging. Use water jugs and glass rather than bottled water. Be sure to recycle as much as you possibly can, Paper products, containers, plastic, etc. Donate your uneaten food and beverages to a local food bank or homeless shelter. Avoid using Paper Napkin.

4. PAPER: Instead of printing out copies of important documents or agendas for meetings, save those documents on a shared drive and pull them up for everyone to view collectively in the meeting. Use paper clips instead of staples. Avoid Color printing generally uses more ink, so print in black and white when you can or to conserve even more ink. Print duplex or double-sided whenever possible. Choose electronic methods such as social media outlets (Facebook,Twitter, etc.) to spread the word about your event. You can use DigiBroc, an online platform to process the mobilizing catalogs and brochures and sending personalized catalogs,  manuals and brochures based on use, which is done without harming trees and eco-friendly manner. Additionally MoozUp Lite has been created to introduce the concept of eco-friendly events by reducing printing costs and also to make events around the world paperless.

5. ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Try to conduct conferences at day time. Manage to utilize natural lights instead of turning on task lighting or overhead lights. Many devices have “standby” settings that draw power. Sometimes as much as 15 or 20 watts even when they’re turned off. To make sure that your computer, monitor, printer, photocopy machine, television, etc. are all the way off, pull the plug rather than flipping the switch before heading out the door. To make it easier, try plugging hardware into a power strip with an on/off switch (or a smart power strip), the whole desktop setup can be turned off at once.

6. USE THE REAL STUFF: Normal party ware is full of toxic dyes and plastic, and a goal of any eco-friendly event should be to decrease our dependency on petroleum. Try places that you can find everything from beautiful bamboo plates to recyclable paper tablecloths, the best option is to use less plastic cutlery.

7. GIVE-AWAYS: Don’t give something for sake of giving. The best eco friendly gift to give someone is to dedicate a tree in someone’s honor. Try to give sustainably made gifts. Don’t offer pens in tote bags, offer them separately if needed. Reuse them.

8. PRESENTATIONS: Try not to print all the papers of presentation slides, for the records the slides can be uploaded to webpage later.

9. (3R) REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE: Theses 3R help to cut down on the amount of waste that is thrown away. They conserve natural resources, landfill space and energy and money.

10. . THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY: The more items you can source for your event locally, the better it would be. Try to use teleconferencing when possible.

Latest trends in digital distribution for event managers

The entire success of the business usually relies on the success of its marketing processes and strategies. With effective marketing and advertising strategies, a business is able to promote its products and services to its target market and provide a better engagement within the segment.

Good promotional and advertising methods ensure a better conversion rate of people turning into consumers. Social media has brought about the notion of “going viral.” Many founders say they want to use a viral approach for building sales.

This is a new way of saying “If I build it, they will come.” They plan on throwing a “sales and marketing” label on their social media accounts and calling it a day. While there are rare exceptions, odds are your product is not going to go viral. Sales is not that easy!

The marketing strategies are focused on the target audience. This means that the desires, thoughts, wants and needs are few important parameters that play a major role in the consumption of information through digital media.

Here are some latest trends in the digital distribution scenario:

Latest trends in digital distribution for event managers,DigiBroc - A must try online tool for publishing and distribution of your digital brochures, Digibroc, Digital brochure, digital marketing, online brochure
Latest trends in digital distribution for event managers

QR codes: Primarily originated in Japan, QR is an abbreviation for Quick Response (they can be read quickly by any image scanning device). They are used to take a piece of information from a transitory media and put it in to your cell phone.

These days, you can spot QR Codes in a magazine advert, on a billboard, a web page or even on someone’s t-shirt. After scanning it through a QR code reader app from your mobile device, it redirects you to some webpage or a displays a textual information.

RFID tagging: It is wireless system that uses small Radio Frequencies for identification and tracking purposes. An RFID tagging system includes the tag itself, a read/write device, and a host system application for data collection, processing, and transmission. Predominantly, RFID tags have been used in many industries. It helps the industries to track assets, manage inventories, improve customer service and much more.

Latest trends in digital distribution for event managers
Latest trends in digital distribution for event managers

Inclusion of RFID tags during your events let your participants post updates and photos on a plethora of social networks without even taking out their laptops or cell phones. How cool, isn’t it?

Latest trends in digital distribution for event managersKiosk: It is a small physical structure (often including a computer and a display screen) that displays information for people walking by. Kiosks provide a perfect outlet for branding and advertising. They are common near the entrances of shopping malls.

They should be put up at trade shows and professional conferences stalls to select and pick brochures. They can be customized to meet just about any need that you have as it relates to better serving your customers.

DigiBroc – A must try online tool for publishing and distribution of your digital brochures

Event Managers! here are few trade show marketing tips, Tradeshow, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Digital Brochure, Digital collateral, E brochure, Digibroc
DigiBroc – A must try online tool for publishing and distribution of your digital brochures

In the advertising world, electronic media plays an indispensable role. When a company plans to launch a new product, they consider this medium as the most appropriate approach for promotional purposes. Creating and publishing brochures involves content curation and key information about the product or service.

Then comes the distribution part, where one has to decide their target audience and distribute the brochures in a digitalized way. This not only saves energy and money, but also stands out to be the most hassle free way of promoting anything across the web.

To make things easier and convenient, DigiBroc has been launched to become a one stop solution for ‘Publishing and Distribution of digital brochures for the event managers’. It has many advantages to its credit. One of the major benefits is the ‘money-part’, where you can upload and customize the brochures at a pretty less expensive price as compared to the printed catalogs, manuals and brochures.

Second comes the ‘time’, where the time taken to get the brochures uploaded and published is also lighting fast on the platform. Moreover, you add extra value to the environment where your customers can download the brochures anytime and keep it, instead of dumping them and wasting paper.

DigiBroc   Digital Collateral for Tradeshows   Exhibitions   Conferences   E-Brochure   Green Brochure   Lead Generation   Qualified Leads

After the brochures are published event managers can also keep the record to check whether how many attendees have gone through the brochures. Accordingly companies can have the track reports and statistics on every brochures digitally published. Consumer can email instantly with any of their queries and doubts about the event and get their queries cleared by truly great customer support.

Give your events an organized and professional touch with this online tool and let the workflow be more easy and simple to create your unique brand value.

Event Managers! here are few trade show marketing tips

A trade show is an exhibition that has been organized in such a way to allow companies in particular industries to show off as well as demonstrate their newest products or services and a great place to pick up some leads. It is a great way for a company to promote itself to a wider audience.

It is also a chance to find out directly from the customers about their exact requirement thereby building a good platform for networking. Here are few tips and guidelines on how you can get the maximum value from your investment in trade shows:

Other than the buyers and sellers, trade shows can also attract journalists, media, politicians and others. Trade shows can be a wonderful source for developing a supply of new leads for your sales cycle. In fact, what really leads to sales is the effective and efficient follow-up after the trade show! Grab the attention of your targets, which is an art form in and of itself, when done properly.

Trade show Marketing Tips
Trade show Marketing Tips

The key is to make sure that each component of your marketing plan is working with your event strategy. When you are preparing for an event, post it on your website, advertise it through industry publications and social media, and promote it through public relations.

The worst feeling is to attend an event where your customers did not even know to look for you! Trade show events should help you both reach new prospects and reinforce your existing customer relationships. Take advantage of all your marketing efforts to promote your trade show event activities.

When deciding on a trade show, be sure to request a brochure. They include important information such as scheduling, registration information, booth locations, floor plans, and guest.Businesses should be specific about what they want to accomplish at the show. It is important for customers to determine if they want the trade show to assist in attracting more customers, displaying products, or investigating the competition.

Make a follow-up after the show. Follow-up is very important in the absolute fulfillment of your trade show objectives. Collect their Business cards and contact numbers as much as possible. Leads are useless when they’re not activated. For this reason, it’s best if you would make a follow up five days after the trade show.

Trade show Marketing Tips
Trade show Marketing Tips

Trade shows can be an effective way for companies to show off their products and services. Establish good relations. By linking organizations and individuals involved with trade shows and the trade events businesses, these associations enable a connected trade show exhibitor’s world where each and every member can learn from the collective experience of all the members.

Where applicable or necessary, local chapters also exist and provide the same services to exhibits on a local scale. You can never go wrong if you follow the simple guidelines these associations offer.

DigiBroc has a creative concept of uploading brochures and personalizing them  based on use of your trade show in more attractive and seamless manner. Give it a spin and let us know, what you feel about it.

Put an End to High Costs with the Digital Brochures

When I compare digital brochures to the hard paper ones, here are few advantages of the former that can be extensively beneficial for any event manager:

Cut down your costs effectively: With digital brochures, you can effectively cut down both the printing as well as distribution costs while reaching out to larger readers.

Primary message – More effective: By including videos, you can easily get in touch with your potential buyers without even asking them to download the brochures.

Unlimited Distribution: Electronic brochures can be shared endlessly with global audiences, in just one mouse click.

Faster Responses to Readers: For the readers interested to gather more information, it is much easier to respond quickly.

Faster Client Responses: With the e-brochures, the clients can request instantaneously for detailed information, and even place orders round the clock.

Easy accessibility and Round the Clock Services: The distribution of e-brochures is the simplest procedure, as it requires no plug-ins or special software. Anyone who has an internet access can glimpse over your brochures all across the globe, 24*7.

Flexibility of changing the contents: online brochure gives you the freedom to amend your contents to comply with the ever changing demands and trends of marketplace. There is no need to reprint, just change your content effectively any time.

Easy to assess market and plan marketing strategies: It is simpler and smoother to assess the market with the e-brochures, so that you can effectively plan and execute your strategies.

User-friendly: The online brochures are user-friendly, it is simple and fast to browse through the contents, enlarge them and also mark the pages of interest. Printing the pages of interest is also just a matter of click.

Add audio-visual touch to make it more appealing: You can include image movements, videos of any length or audio clips or use them as components of your web page. The graphical innovations can arrest the attention of viewers.

In order to avail maximum benefits from the e-brochures, the following steps should be followed to Put an End to High Costs with the Digital Brochures:

1. Construct a candid website access to your Electronic brochure from a visual link on your home page.

2. It is preferable to use short phrases or words such as “Open” etc, along with an image of your front cover.

3. The image might project a page, which is partially turned, along with a video symbol, to engage the views for interactivity.

4. You can also include an initial page of data recording, which will automatically register their name, email address, contact number etc, to facilitate a database for analysing market and further analysis.

5. After this, when the readers click the submit button, the E-brochure opens automatically.

6. When the viewers have finished glancing over your online brochure, they are automatically navigated to your website. This way you retain the attention of the viewers.

7. Also make use of the pro-active email campaigns to engage the already existing as well as potential clients.

8. Include the link to the online brochure in all your professional correspondences and corporate electronic communications to make it all the more effective.

Reach out to Global Audiences at Lesser Costs with Digital Brochures

When it comes to digital brochure, there are numerous reasons how it can benefit your business. Nowadays more and more businessmen are inclined towards this marketing method, due to its cost effective nature.

What is a digital brochure?

Digital brochure is basically an online version of your physical brochure, which allows an easy access and interaction for people. Customers can have a quick glance over the brochure, by the aid of the exclusive web link, which can be emailed them or linking it up with websites or social networking sites. It is simple, easy and convenient to present the unique digital brochure design to the customers.

Let us explore the eight major reasons for choosing the proper digital brochure design for your business.

Already have a website? Wandering whether digital brochure will be helpful?

Even when you have a website, a digital brochure will present all the vital product descriptions and services in one place. When a visitor browses through your website, there are chances of distraction due to the blogs, latest articles and news items. With an online brochure, you can have complete control over the presenting of information, and thereby there are little chances of getting distracted.

No need to carry, easily accessible:

There is no need to carry the printed brochures all the time; you can access the digital brochures anytime, anywhere. Send the crafty e-brochures to your clients so that they can glance through it even on the move, i.e. through laptops, smart-phones or tablets.

24 hours accessibility:

With the online brochures, the customers have the freedom to view the brochures 24*7. Thus, your job is done, even while you are asleep.

No production or postage costs:

Digital brochure effectively cuts down the printing, postage as well as distribution expenses. In just a mouse click, anybody can access the smart, ready to be viewed e-brochure.

Advertising online and through social networking websites:

Unlike the physical brochures, the digital brochures can be widely used for marketing about your products or brand online. The social share buttons make it all the more simple to share it instantly with their friends.

Build your brand; Induce positivity about your products and services:

Customizing your e-brochure completely with specific background colours or fonts along with the company logo can be largely effective in building up your brand among the targeted audiences.

Allowing the readers to choose and select their own preferences:

It is needless to say that the e-brochures can be dragged, scrolled or zoomed in an out according to any size. The thumbnails make it all the simpler for the readers to navigate directly in their specified pages of interest.

Easy to adapt or change information as per your needs:

Once you print a brochure means, you have to stick to the information you have put inside or spend your fortunes on re-printing the brochures. With the digital brochures, you have the scope to add or remove data from the brochure anytime, without having to bear the hassles of re-printing. So, cut down your costs effectively with the e-brochures, and reach out to much wider audiences instantly.

Still wondering what to do? Here is your one stop destination:

Digibroc is a radical platform for mobilizing your unique catalogs and brochures to comply with your varying usages. Cut down printing or shipping costs effectively, and bring in noticeable changes in your business by the aid of DigiBroc.