5th International Beauty & Spa Expo 2014

5th International Beauty & Spa Expo 2014:

5th International Beauty & Spa Expo 2014
5th International Beauty & Spa Expo 2014

India’s Oldest and Premier International Trade Show relating to the Beauty & Spa Industry is back with its next edition in a bigger and better format. The trade show has been receiving over 6,500 Visitors to know about the numerous brands (around 100 Brands), that was displayed at the Beauty & Spa Expo  in 2013.

With numerous displays from beauty, wellness, hair salon and the aesthetics industry, the Beauty & Spa expo has been garnering huge support since its inception four years ago, in 2010. Back with yet another edition, the 5th International Beauty & Spa Expo 2014 would be taking place at the nation’s financial capital Mumbai and the national capital Delhi.

5th International Beauty & Spa Expo 2014
5th International Beauty & Spa Expo 2014

The Exhibition is being organized by the Indian Exhibition Company called the Nexus Exhibitions, whose are believed to be the pioneers in organizing exhibitions related to the Indian Beauty Industry. In the past they have organized numerous trade fairs and exhibitions for the industry that has attracted Vast number of Exhibitors , Visitors and Buyers transforming the International Beauty & Spa Expo into an ideal meeting place for the international Beauty professionals and decision makers.

International Beauty & Spa Expo 2014  would attract a large participation from several foreign countries as well, just as it had in the past attracts the Largest Participation from the Foreign Countries thus has become Ideal and Must Attend professional Trade Show for Easy Access to the Indian Beauty market.Beauty Pack is a Focused Show on Beauty Packaging which is the Concurrent to the Beauty & Spa Expo provides a Global Platform for the Beauty Packaging Companies to meet the Indian Manufactures.

5th International Beauty & Spa Expo 2014
5th International Beauty & Spa Expo 2014

The 5th International Beauty & Spa Expo 2014 would have beauty salons, dermatologists, cosmetologists, hairdressers,Perfumer,Spa therapists, aromatherapists, beauty schools etc. visiting the event to benefit from the vast amount of information about the industry updates that would be available. Thereby providing an ideal opportunity to interact with the more than 100 suppliers in 2 days ensuring and to get the best of the deals from the best of the players in the respective industry.

5th International Beauty & Spa Expo 2014
5th International Beauty & Spa Expo 2014

This edition has a special takeaway, which sets it apart from the previous editions as the collaterals of the expo have gone digital with Digibroc.  If you are wondering what this could mean to you as an exhibitor or visitor, then read on further.


  • The 5th International Beauty & Spa Expo 2014 as said earlier has opted to digital collaterals as a substitute for the physical collaterals, which means that you can now save on the printing costs of your brochures.
  • This apart there is no possibility of you running out of brochures at the event, or having printed out too many.
  • All your visitors at the 5th International Beauty & Spa Expo 2014 might not be interested in every product you are exhibiting so, now you can send across personalized brochures that would meet the preferences of your visitors.
  • It is also possible to track your leads and generate quality leads.
5th International Beauty & Spa Expo 2014
5th International Beauty & Spa Expo 2014


  • If you are visiting the 5th International Beauty & Spa Expo 2014 then all that you would be carrying back home with you is a beautiful you, tips to stay beautiful,etc. and not tons of collaterals that you might not have a second look at.
  • Get the brochures you wish on the move by simply scanning a QR code that would be displayed at the outlets.
  • Share the collaterals with your peers on your social media account with a click.

To know  more about the expo, exhibit at the event or to request a collateral visit www.digibroc.com

Gowra Hallmark Townships Goes Green With Digibroc

Gowra Hallmark Townships Finding your prospective home or office a few years ago meant having to go through the real estate page of numerous papers or contacting several agents. However, the trend is fast changing and the real estate industry, just as any other is adapting to new age technology and marketing. One such trend seeping into the real estate industry is that of advertising about the various real estate ventures in electronic and new media.

The growing number of bulk SMSes websites added to this phenomenon where people were often bombarded with unwanted SMSes about properties and deals. This was followed by ads on special occasions on the idiot box about the various offers for the first few registrants or buyers.

These ads and ventures are not focused towards any specific target audience and fail to reap any positive results. So what exactly can be the ideal marketing strategy for an industry like the real estate, for which anyone could be a prospective client.

Gowra Hallmark Townships

What the real estate industry now needs is a marketing tool,which would identify potential buyers and target their marketing towards them thereby saving ample resources. This might seem a bit difficult to adapt initially, however one would always be able to reap the early mover advantage if they try to venture and explore into this untapped territory of innovative marketing strategies.

The Gowra Hallmark Townships has adapted one such new age marketing tool, whereby it can send across its sales collateral to people who are genuinely interested in its venture and also track the preferences of its leads. No, brownie points for guessing the marketing tool as Gowra Hallmark Townships, is indeed using DigiBroc for companies where by the Gowra Hallmark Townships can now share its collateral to clients by means of a simple link.

Gowra Hallmark Townships | Scan QR Code | Scan QR Code for Gowra Hallmark Townships Collateral
Scan QR Code to know more about Digibroc

Real estate marketing mails generally land in the the spam folders of the recipients, thereby ruining all the marketing efforts, however with DigiBroc rest assured as the mail would be delivered to the inbox and not the spam folder. DigiBroc makes it possible to send personalized collateral to match the client needs,this means that the Gowra Hallmark would now be able to focus its marketing towards clients who possess a genuine interest in the venture.

About Gowra Hallmark :

Gowra Hallmark Townships
Gowra Hallmark Townships

Gowra Hallmark  is a joint venture of Hyderabad’s real estate giants, Gowra Ventures and Hallmark Constructions, both of which are renowned for their expertise in the development of large-scale commercial space and diverse residential addresses.To know more about Gowra Hallmark Townshipsand to request collateral visit www.digibroc.com

3 ways to revolutionise tradeshow marketing

The advent of technology has seeped into every walk of life, not leaving behind the marketing industry. So, make sure you stay updated about the innovative means of marking your products, events and organizations in the most innovative manner. Here we present you a sneak peek into the  3 ways to revolutionise tradeshow marketing.

1.Audience Specific:

Audience Specific Brochures

Unlike the conventional marketing tools, marketing backed by mobile technology can be updated and made user specific in terms of content and packaging, which makes it possible for accurate market segmentation, and targeted marketing. This would mean that the audience would stay more engaged as the marketing directly addresses their needs and concerns.

2. QR Codes:

QR Codes are essentially similar to the UPC codes,which contains complete product information and is capable of being embedded anywhere. This embedded information can be used for numerous applications such as sending a text, making a call, or going to a website by simply scanning the code.

QR Code Revolution in Brochures
QR Code Revolution in Brochures

Simple, as it might sound, the reach of the QR Code is indeed very high and it has been proved that the use of QR code as a marketing tool has a huge potential. Place a QR code on the marketing tool, so that when a  customer scans it with a phone, the code would lead them to  videos that explain how to use the product or to the organization’s website.

3. Flexible and Eco friendly marketing: 

Stop Printing and Go Green
Paperless Brochure

Distribute brochures and marketing your organization or event on the go with the innovative mobile technology, which allows people to upload, update and deliver content across the globe through simple mobile applications. These applications are not just capable of delivering content  in a flexible and “greener” than traditional channels manner, but is also cost effective as compared to the traditional means of product marketing.

The added advantage that the Mobile marketing has over its traditional counterpart is that it is more flexible in terms of content editing and can be updated anytime.

About Digibroc:

Digibroc is designed for the Exhibition and Trade Fair Industry. Digibroc has been created to change the way exhibitors today are delivering their sales collaterals, product information and other critical information that has always been printed in brochures. Digibroc is revolutionizing this process by mobilizing catalogs and brochures and sending personalized brochures. Digibroc helps the exhibitor to know the details of the visitors who sought access to digital brochure and follow up further based on the visitor interests.

Digibroc, Digital Brochure, Online Brochure, Digibrochures, e brochure

Digibroc enables the visitor at the exhibition stalls to scan the QR code and access the electronic copy of the brochure rather than picking up a physical copy. The visitor can also log in and view the brochures of other stalls in the exhibition he had visited.