Track your Business leads effectively at Trade Shows

The world is now a global village and e-commerce has entered all walks of life, yet the importance of  face-to-face events remains the same or has rather been turning into an extremely valuable tool for  business development and brand building strategy across the globe. This is probably, because people still tend to develop brand loyalties when they meet someone in person rather than being introduced to the product on the world wide web.

Track your Business leads effectively at Trade Shows
Track your Leads

The potential of trade shows and exhibitions is high in terms of attracting leads for a business as there is no other promotional medium that can deliver thousands of high quality sales opportunities under one roof like a trade show would. A popular research done by a German institute also claimed that over “86% of all decision makers view trade fairs as one of the most important instruments that would assist them during the purchasing and procurement process” (Link Institute, 2008).

 Such a huge reserve of leads, yet a very small proportion of it tends to turn out into real time business deals, which is probably because unlike a fixed one-on-one business meeting where the prospective client and the organization have a common frame of reference, which is not a likely scenario in case of a trade show.

In an attempt to please everyone walking past the standees at the tradeshows the exhibitors end up pleasing very few and in these also the number of potential clients who would get back to buy the product or service would be minimal. So, the problem with trade shows is that the exhibitors fail to spot leads and follow up with them effectively and more leads can be effectively generated from trade shows and exhibitions if there is a simpler way to identify and track all the prospective leads.
Track your Business leads effectively at Trade Shows
Track your Business leads effectively at Trade Shows

Track your Business leads effectively at Trade Shows:

Realising the solution would not in itself solve problems as things are easier said than done. However, with the advancements in technology nothing would seem impossible and a confirmer of this fact is the revolutionizing product  Digibroc. Digibroc is a tool that would help exhibitors display their brochure as a simplified barcode on their standee, which when scanned by the visitor would help them download the brochure, post providing their information.

Voila! that is a double benefit as now the visitor is spared the pain of having to carry around printed brochures until they find a dustbin in the expo (turning all your printing and designing efforts and costs to vain), while the exhibitor can track the details of the attendees who have sought the brochure, the number of times they have viewed the same etc., making it a cakewalk for exhibitors to track leads and transform the same into real time client.

Track your leads effectively
Track Your Leads 


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