March Towards Sustainable & Bright Future – IITCE 2014

March Towards Sustainable & Bright Future - IITCE 2014

India International Tea & Coffee Expo. (IITCE) 2014 welcome you at three days event which is conducted each year to connect buyers and sellers under one roof of IITCE where you can optimize high quality products, gain in-depth product knowledge, enable target audience to access global market, technologies and business opportunities.

The exhibitors will come across all kind of Tea & Coffee Manufacturer, Tea Gardens, Tea & Coffee wholesaler & Suppliers, Exporters and importers of green coffee bean and loose tea, Related Machinery & Packaging, Tea & coffee accessories, Raw Materials of Tea & Coffee, Tea & Coffee equipment and Appliances, Chain Stores, Super stores, Tea & Coffee House and Franchising, Manufacturers of fine chocolates and gourmet mints, Suppliers Tea filters will participating in the exhibition. Visitors like new buyer, industries Personality, Distributors Channel and their new ways and techniques to brew your new target. Wholesaler, Retailers, distributors, F&B directors, spa managers, specialty grocers, mass merchants and other business professionals attend the Expo to see high-quality tea suppliers and related vendors exhibit new products and innovations.

March Towards Sustainable & Bright Future - IITCE 2014

Don’t miss this opportunity, there will be Trade show, Seminar, Conference, Education, Workshop and Industry Award it will zoom the Industry and will stand out from the crowd to The Industry professionals. This event of Tea & Coffee Expo will let you meet the best World’s Tea & Coffee business PROFESSIONALS, LEADERS & LEGENDS and you can be a part of it and Participate to exhibit and promote your company, your products, to sell or buy at the exhibition.

Visit and see the latest product, trend and technology in tea, Coffee, Machinery, Packaging, service and allied industries. Make new business opportunity and be a part of new launches. Save your time and money and meet market professionals, leaders and legends at single location. Free sampling and testing session will present actual image of the products. It will be helpful to buying the products. Conference, Seminar and Workshop will help you to make right decision to boost up your sales and marketing. Award function will stand out from the crowd to the market leaders and you will have a chance to meet them personally in Private Meeting Rooms.

The Venue of the event is Kolkata is famous for Tea Hub in world map. Exhibitors from more than 9 countries and visitors from more than 12 countries will attend this show which will give you actual networking with choice of vendors, suppliers and resources. Your presence will keep you in touch with global market opportunity. Take full advantage of the industries. Stay updated with DigiBroc.

Tea Coffee Expo – 2014

Tea Coffee Expo - 2014

India International Tea & Coffee Expo 2014 (IITCE 2014)” is the Trade Show in India, which would be conducted on Mar 14 – Mar 16, 2014 at Milan Mela Ground, West Bengal (INDIA).

This event is dedicated to the field of Tea & Coffee sectors. It is the only leading trade event in India since 2009. It is type of event where there was Tea & coffee testing, event and exhibition with conference plus seminar. The theme of the evening will be food and beverage.

This trade show is where all the leading global companies associated with Tea & Coffee trade will showcase their products and technologies and the supplier can reach to their targeted customer and ease the visitors to find their particular needs. The latest product launch and trends will set the benchmark for the beverage trade. It is the show in India where all the trade buyers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers, Hotels, Restaurants, Chain Stores and Decision makers will come together and will see the latest products and trends influencing the beverage trade.Over 75 Exhibitors from across the world will be displaying for about more than 50 categories for every conceivable need from Tea & Coffee Industry. It is a specialized event where you can find business-to-business & business-to-consumer would be presenting fresh ideas, new trend, tradition, technology with three days focused buying, selling and education.


Tea Coffee Expo - 2014 India International Tea & Coffee Expo 2014 (IITCE 2014) is a platform where you get to gain an in-depth knowledge on the booming tea & coffee industry all around the world through a series of talks held by professional speakers as they share on their outlook on the future of these industries as well as their deep knowledge in the art of tea & coffee. Discover different types and species of tea & coffee that is unique across the world. Immerse yourself into the sophisticated world of aromatic tea & coffee!

Logiware Caucus 2014

Logiware Caucus 2014


Logiware Caucus 2014 is a held on 20th February, 2014. It is a conference for the discussion of advances and new market trends in the field of logistics and warehousing.

Logiware Caucus 2014 will provide you an opportunities in Warehousing development and Government, Strategic issues in Warehousing, Operations Excellence in a warehouse, Skilled manpower and effective management, Importance of effective lighting solutions inside a warehousing facility, Importance of infrastructure, Contribution of the sector in India’s growth, Importance of Public Private Partnership in Warehousing.

The objective of Logiware Caucus 2014 is to connect the people of logistic & warehousing industry and form a forum for exchanging their ideas on the latest developments and market trends among scientists and practitioners from related industries. It will also provide to seek an opportunities for collaboration among the exhibitors and visitors, new comers and the famous industrialist. Visiting the LOGIWARE INDIA exhibition is a great way to get technology updates of warehousing & logistics industry.

The constant exchange of ideas between the scientific community and practitioners by sharing their view-point and keeping their personal experiences in front of everyone has proven an ideal breeding ground for innovative solutions in logistics concerning the ever-changing challenges companies face today. In today’s business environment, there is a steady movement towards product and process innovations, and companies in India must balance themselves to match the international pace of development. We warmly welcome all the scientific and practical contributions from all the different disciplines, including scientists in logistics, operations research, entrepreneurs and practitioners interested in dynamics in logistics.

Logiware Caucus 2014

LOGIWARE INDIA is a national exhibition is the most preferred destination for your Logistics, Warehousing and Supply chain solutions. Logiware India will be held from 20th to 22nd Feb., 2014 in New Delhi, India. Logiware India is going to be held for three consecutive days where it will aim at making the display of the logistics and warehouses products and services like all types of sipping lines, labelling and packaging solutions, express courier services, port and terminals, logistics hardware pavilion material handling equipments including conveyors, pallets, ramp, robot and handling system, trolleys and cranes, storage equipment and system including cargo shelves, slotted angle, bin and containers, automated storage and retrieval system, warehouse equipments and systems, logistic technology pavilion, cold chain pavilion and more. Apart from acting as a business ground this event will also stand out as an international surface for presenting innovations as well as cutting edge technologies.


Logistics & Warehousing industry – LOGIWARE 2014

Logistics & Warehousing industry - LOGIWARE 2014

LOGIWARE INDIA 2014 is the most preferred exhibition and conference event for international trade on Logistics, Warehousing, Material Handling, Supply Chain, Transportation, Automation and packaging Industry in India. LOGIWARE INDIA will be located at IARI Ground (PUSA) –New Delhi, India. It would be conducted on February 20th to 22nd 2014.

This three-day exhibition (20th -22nd Feb), a conference on 20th Feb, and a networking dinner will give you an opportunities to meet personnel who belongs to field of warehousing & logistics industry, To find out hundreds of leading solutions across these Industries, Knowledge & Experience sharing and making networks with leading experts of this field, Reach out to networks with global speakers and industry experts.

This prestigious event allows the exhibitors to showcase a wide range product and services so as to fulfill their business targets. Exhibitor will contribute towards Logistics Services Pavilion, Logistics Hardware, Pavilion Material Handling Equipment, Storage Equipment & Systems, Warehouse Equipment & systems, Logistics Technology Pavilion, 3PL, Packaging, Automation. Visitor’s part would include Logistics & Supply chain professionals from the following sectors: Automotive, FMCG, Agro, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Apparel, Dairy and Processed foods, Cement, IT, Government officials, Trading Companies etc.

Logistics & Warehousing industry - LOGIWARE 2014

LOGIWARE INDIA would be one of the leading exhibitions on warehousing & logistics sector. It is one of its kind platforms that will cover the complete part of warehousing & logistics industry and put up and display the latest innovations and cutting edge technologies across each segment. It is going to be an international platform that would connect the world to the Indian warehousing & logistics sector growing at an encouraging rate of 15% annually in India. Grab this opportunity and be updated with DigiBroc.

ISRMAX Asia 2014

ISRMAX Asia 2014

ISRMAX Asia 2014 is an International Sugar Rice Maize & Agriculture Expo. which would be held on August 29-31, 2014 at IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, Bangkok (Thailand).
ISRMAX Asia is an exclusive International exhibition and conference with focused approach on the entire value chain from pre-harvest to post-harvest of rice sugar maize and other agricultural being organized jointly by India based Pixie Consulting Solutions Ltd, and Thailand based Impact Exhibition Management Co. where the Thai Govt. going to celebrate “SUGAR DAY” during the exhibition and have also planned one for a “REFINERY TOUR” in Thailand.

ISRMAX is providing an exclusive platform to share one of the latest agriculture knowledge with focus on current trends in food processing innovation through modern technology and market trends. It will create one of the largest platforms to address the growing needs and requirements of the Global Rice, Sugar and Agriculture Industry that will bring together several eminent industry personnel from this sector and the latest market trends and updates are closely looked into here. Over 195 professional exhibitors will participate in this event and a very wide range of agricultural equipment, soil processing tools, air compressors, packaging materials, seeding equipment and other related accessories would be displayed here. The ISRMAX will also give a scheme to the farmers who participate in the programme 100 US dollars per delegate. There would be Informative workshops and seminar sessions will also be organized here, in order to acquaint participants with the latest technological advancements.

ISRMAX Asia 2014

It is leading in the field of agriculture, rice and sugar sector trade shows in Thailand. This event will offer extensive business networking and brand building opportunities for all the corporate attendees too. Isrmax Asia is attended by more than 13848 visitors, and there would be showcasing of the high popularity levels of the event. It will bring together people and the companies from all walks connected with the Rice, Sugar and Agriculture Industry like milling technologies, infrastructure, buyers, traders, brokers, institutes, associations, government bodies, public services, logistics, and industry experts and  related and so on. Attending companies can directly interact with a large number of prospective customers and new business opportunities are also highlighted here.

Agriculture & Horticulture Expo. ISRMAX – 2014

Agriculture & Horticulture Expo. ISRMAX - 2014Agriculture & Horticulture Expo. ISRMAX Dehli is an exclusive platform to showcase, engage and to increase the business, share latest agriculture knowledge and market trends with a unique opportunity to worldwide technology service providers to exhibit them against Indian agriculture industry. Isrmax Horti and Agri Expo will be conducted for three days in Delhi, India on 20th till 22nd Feb. 2014.

Agriculture & Horticulture Expo. ISRMAX - 2014ISRMAX was created in 2008 by PCSL (Pixie Consulting Solutions Limited) with an aim to develop a unique interactive desirable platform from where these agriculture technologies and service providers would meet with the persons involved in the agriculture industry, which includes farmers, government agencies, corporate, policy makers etc.

In this expo these experts will get a scope to share their expertise with the attendees in unique way by bringing the importance and value of agricultural products, services and equipment and tractors in the recent times and by covering the two major sectors viz. agriculture and horticulture. In agriculture there will be focus mainly on pre and post harvesting technology of rice and sugar including its worldwide trade. Horticulture part it will deal comprehensively with the idea of value chain creation in horticulture commodity. These would be highlighted by way of Educational Seminars, Workshops and Demonstrations of the complete outlook of industry.

Agriculture & Horticulture Expo. ISRMAX - 2014Isrmax Horti and Agri Expo is a must attend the event for the fruits and vegetables growers, gardeners, agricultural experts, equipment manufacturers and leading experts related to the field of horticulture and agriculture industry. Industry experts and eminent speakers will share their views to make the farmers conscious of the modern agricultural techniques, aware them about the recent market scenario and farm machinery and technologies. Turbo ventilators, pumps and valves, electric panels, roofing system, electric motor and air compressor will be some of the products which will be at display in this show.  It will attract some government officials, rice mill owners, research scientists, processing experts and trade ambassadors to share their knowledge about the tools and technologies used in this industry event will have the opportunity to meet and interact with new distributors and dealers.

To know more details visit, DigiBroc and stay updated.

Renewable Energy Exhibition – VEGA 2014

Renewable Energy Exhibition - VEGA 2014

Vega Green Energy brings an opportunity for all the Global leaders in the industry of Renewable Energy solutions for you all to come together to support and enhance the field of Renewable Energy Industry in India. This show will provide you to connect with the industry to Entrepreneurs, to the Experts, Consultants, Professionals, and Corporate who are already in the field of Solar Energy Solutions and also to those who wish to explore the existing solutions to their personal and organizational requirements.

This VEGA would be held at Hitex Exhibition Centre, Madhapur, Hyderabad (INDIA) from Jan 31st to 2nd of February, 2014 and during the days of this event, many conferences will also be held which will feature lectures and interactive sessions on Renewable Energy by experts and prominent personalities in the field of Renewable Energy Industry in India.

Vega Environ operates with the aim of spreading, informing and implementing several developmental projects, to introduce people to the need and benefits of using the natural sources of energy one of them includes its campaigns in the Renewable Energy segment. Renewable energy is available in various forms including Wind, Solar and Bio waste power. Keeping in mind the fact that the importance of being eco friendly is a source of energy has increased at present. Our organization will give you a comprehensive strategy that will not only make the citizens aware and educated about the benefits while using the green energy but also support research and developmental projects which would be related to efficient energy management and related issues.

This has been necessary as the Earth’s sources of oil and coal are on the verge of depletion with a massive increase in the demand of resources. Therefore, it has become extremely essential that people understand and learn the importance and requirement of preserving these exhaustible sources of energy and create awareness of how to manage energy efficiently. Our co-ordination with the help of some activities like exhibitions, conferences and business events, our aim would be to spread and create awareness, and educate people about current issues on and related to Renewable energy.  Our activities will conduct all these following categories,

Renewable Energy Exhibition - VEGA 2014

  • Educating the Public about Renewable Energy (Wind, Solar, Bio waste) through Events, Conferences, Exhibitions
  • Energy Efficiency Management
  • Personalizing Solutions to an Energy Crisis
  • Consultation and implementing the projects


Packed with a full-scale trade show, the Vega Green Energy will also host a series of concurrent conference sessions, knowledge exchanging workshops, networking forums, business meetings, product launches. It will offer you an exclusive opportunity to showcase your products and services, build brand awareness and generate new business, all within a targeted audience full of the industry’s decision makers.

This being the basic preview of our operations on the events we will try to achieve maximum results within a short span of time with the help of our well framed strategies and supportive activities. You can accomplish more in three days at a Vega Green Energy event, than you might otherwise achieve in weeks. And you’ll go on achieving too. Many of our events have powerful online communities where you keep up-to-date like on DigiBroc you will be updated everything related to event.

Vega Green Energy – 2014

vega green energy 2014

Vega Environ is a Non-profitable Organization which is established at Hyderabad is going to be conducting a Renewable Energy Exhibition organised in the name of “VEGA GREEN ENERGY” and will be conducted from Jan 31st till 2nd of February, 2014 at Hitex Exhibition Centre, Madhapur, Hyderabad (INDIA).

VEGA main focus is to accelerate the growth, by offering sustainable development opportunities to businesses in this field of the Indian renewable energy sector. It starts with an objective of attaining certain specific goals through educating, informing, implementing and incorporating services which would be related to Renewable Energy, Environment and Health, Water, and  Agriculture.

India is densely populated and has high solar insulation, an ideal combination for using solar power in India. It is predominantly an agrarian economy, where there is an availability of large quantities of biomass, which can be productively harnessed for meeting its burgeoning energy needs, as well as you can address a larger developmental of issues such as environment protection, income and employment generation, and also wasteland or saline land development, with an improved quality of life based on rural communities. Waste generation in India is expected to increase rapidly in the future. In India, our mission is to spread awareness message about some of the most relevant civic issues and introducing them to the benefits of the renewable energy, organic farming, eco-friendly agriculture, urban waste water management, clean water management, etc. Our main aim is to fulfil and support our objectives in the above mentioned fields.

vega green energy 2014There would be exhibitor, who will give a great platform for all industry players to network on common and related industries to identify potential clients and learn and share knowledge about market trends and challenges. It will be covering topics of:
1. Solar Energy

2. Wind Energy

3. Bio Energy


DigiBroc is going hand in hand with Vega, as both deals with eco-friendly way. This event will bring you the latest solutions, and will bring up an opportunity to meet the most important innovators and influencers, along with most comprehensive programmes of conferences, sessions, education and discussion will focus on MW project investors, Visitors from manufacturing industries. It will provide source new products and drive sales, to meet new contacts and build networks, and to learn.  There will be Support and participation of Government Agencies, Funds would be generated from this exhibition will be used for social cause.



India International Tea & Coffee Expo 2014 is a unique trade event for the Tea & Coffee industries in India, which will show the lovers of refreshing beverages who will get to know more about tea and coffee through a series of conference, seminars, championship and also there will be an interesting thing like industry awards which would be given out in the sector of tea, coffee and other related products. Fresh ideas, latest trends, technologies that are newly adopted will be offered buyers, sellers and attendees who are interested.

The 2nd World Tea & Coffee Expo 2014 is the definite platform for Retailers, Wholesalers, Chain stores, departmental managers, Vendors/Suppliers, Grocers, Resorts, Tea & Coffee houses, Spices Manufacturers and allied professionals with over 100 exhibitors from 8 countries will serve as the ideal trade platform not only for showcasing Indian Tea & Coffee brands and technologies but it is also for International companies to seek market expansion & branding prospects in India to conduct and expand their business both nationally & Internationally.


India International Tea & Coffee Expo (IITCE) is only exclusive show in India where all leading Tea & Coffee company will showcase their products. India International Tea & Coffee Expo(IITCE) is has a unique Tea & Coffee products which will provide you an  opportunity is designed for Tea, Coffee, Machinery allied services suppliers to reach their targeted customer and ease the visitors to find their particular needs. IITCE is the only specialized show for business-to-business & business-to-consumer match-making program will form an integral part of our 2014 show strategy and will be presenting trend, tradition and technology for grand success.

This beverages sector has gone through various changes and will provide you an opportunity and business potentials have come up with their ideas, experiences. This leading trade show of this sector will be good chance for many to explore and get informed about the latest development and technologies and how to take advantage out of them. For more visit, DigiBroc



Logiware India 2014 is an event which would be happening for three days from 20-22 February, 2014 going to be held at IARI Ground (PUSA) –New Delhi, India. It is an organised integrated exhibition and conference event for international trade, Warehousing, Logistics & Supply Chain Industry in India.

This event focus at making the display of the logistics and warehouses products and services. This is a wonderful event that helps the professionals, experts and the exhibitors to showcase a wide range product and services so as to fulfill their business targets from the sector and to connect with each other and to gain a lot of significant ideas and detailed news and information.

This event will bring together the solution providers for warehousing, material handling, industry together on one platform. Apart from acting as a business ground this event will also help you to stand out as an international surface for presenting innovations, new techniques as well as latest technologies.

This international trade show will give prime importance to all kinds of products and services which is related to the field of Logistics, storage, transportation, supply chain management, material handling and packaging.

LOGIWARE INDIA 2014Logiware India will be a global platform that is going to connect the world to the sector by way of  leading exhibition on warehousing & logistics sector. It is one of the kind platform that encompasses the complete warehousing & logistics industry and will showcases latest innovations and cutting edge technologies across each segment. To get more updates visit, DigiBroc.