Vega Green Energy Expo 2014 – Spreading the green message with DigiBroc

Vega Green Expo 2014 -powered by DigiBroc
Vega Green Expo 2014 -powered by DigiBroc

Vega Green Energy expo is an event that brings together all the world leaders working in the field of renewable energy on one platform. The event would witness several representatives from governments, civil society, and private sector to provide an interactive forum for discussing the various developments and possibilities in the field of renewable energy.

Having said that the expo is being organized to spread awareness about conservation of the planet and resources it would be absurd to waste valuable resources on taking forward this message. Therefore the organizers have decided to go sans paper for the event in terms of the collateral and are adapting to the use of Digibroc a product for distributing brochures digitally.

Vega Green Expo 2014
Vega Green Expo 2014

This means that the delegates at the Vega Green Energy need not fret about having to carry a bag full of brochures from the event, but rather they can just scan and request for the brochure of their choice to be mailed to them.

In an international expo of this kind, which has over 200 companies from across the globe exhibiting their products and ideas and over 20,000 professionals participating, it would seem ironic if there was an abuse of resources for printing out collaterals.

The idea of using Digibroc for the Vega Green Energy is not just beneficial in terms of saving printing costs. Rather it can be seen as an ideal start from the organizer’s end to promote going green and saving resources to all its delegates.

Vega Green Expo 2014
Vega Green Expo 2014

So be there to support the cause of going green, preserve resources and recycle efficiently for the conservation of the planet. Click on the below image to know more and to request for an e-brochure of the event.

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10 reasons to switch from a printed to a digital brochure

There can be innumerable advantages of using a digital brochure for your event promotion. And here I’ve hand plucked ten of them that really matters most for most of the event managers:

10 reasons to switch from a printed to a digitral brochure

Interactive and Engaging: You can do things online you can’t in print, easily connect your reader to related information interactive elements, video, easy to share opportunities for two way conversations with your audience.

Improved measurability: Growing need to provide measures of effectiveness and reach for our work. Digital is measureable to a much greater degree of detail than print (short of expensive market research polling)

The most environmentally friendly way to communicate with your audience. Trees are save. No wastage of paper.

Save budgets: Printing and mailing costs growing. Web, social and email free or almost free. Less costly for our partner units who used to mail hard copies, to their audiences

Digital has additional dimensions: Time, and Interaction and an orientation on movable objectives and static pages. Free, unlimited, instant distribution of brouchers

Digital making can be used to print many different papers like posters, flyers, business cards and more. In fact, numerous services were derived from this technique like digital brochure making anddigital catalog making

Time saving: Among the greatest things about electronic printing is its ability to produce fast results. Most of the making machines used for this making process are able to print lots of copies in just a matter of hour.

Offers the option to edit, add or remove pages, as well as integrating a range of interactive features such as videos, audio files, location maps, live links and hidden pages.

Translation of your digitalized brouchers is available in any language, allowing you to access a global audience.

Netmarkets allows digital brouchers to be hosted on an underground military secure server, meaning access is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Digital Brochures and Magazines – The future of Publications

You might find some irony in the idea of some of them, who spends all day & every day talking digital, going home and finding solace in a stack of printed paper. Every spread is a new idea, a fresh play for design innovation, and it will forever tell us what was so special about ‘right now’. We can feel that sense of newness, the feeling that something important has arrived, brand new, in our hands, within moments of the publishers declaring it to be ready and launched. They arrive immediately, via official magazine apps, and often cost much less than if you we are picking them up off the shelf. People would be aware in advance about the product and promotion would be done so easily & quickly.

Digital Brochures and Magazines - The future of Publications

Digital publishing is very versatile and depending on your business and marketing objectives, you can use it for magazines, newsletters, books, catalogs, brochures, interactive training manuals, marketing materials. Digital catalogs provide businesses and publishers with the ability to create a smooth purchasing process from start to finish. This means happier customers and better returns. Alternatively, you can use DigiBroc to upload and customize your digital brochures and share them with your audience seamlessly.

The raising popularity of online magazine is an indication that most people really enjoy singularity with interaction. Not only it helps make publications online but the conception it makes in a person’s mind, which is also a great deal for a commercial view. The page flipping feature of digital magazine is the most prominent and fascinating feature that gives readers a whole new experience of browsing a digital magazine.

Finally a digital publishing platform that works! Digitalized publication & magazine offers a great, cost effective, platform to publish your magazines to all devices out there. Add video, links, forms and social media elements to make it come alive. The digital edition of magazine titles not only allows the magazine to retain every pixel of its original design, it can also take that design somewhere else entirely. It will give you a Fast, high-quality production.

The good news is that electronic publishing is no longer reserved for the big corporate with big budgets as it has become much more affordable for small business.

8 Reasons Why You Should Have A Digital Brochure Design

A great brochure design is a huge company asset. Not only should it create awareness of your company, products and services but it should also positively engage your reader and draw them into trusting you to provide exactly what they need.Well-designed brochure is an important marketing tool for the majority of businesses.

Brochures offer a great opportunity to go into detail about your product or service. They offer an online catalogue for your customers to see at any time of the day. They are designed to eliminate expenses associated with sending collateral to unqualified leads.

8 Reasons Why You Should Have A Digital Brochure Design
8 Reasons Why You Should Have A Digital Brochure Design

While having a website is the most effective way of potential customers finding out about who you are and what you do, it will never replace hard copy brochures. However, online brochures and magazines give you the best of both worlds. Enabling you to save money while becoming more efficient in following up on leads. With DigiBroc, you can easily upload ‘n’ number of your digital brochures and customize and distribute them under one roof.

  1. You can send out as many copies of the Digital Brochure as you like without ever running out of copies.
  2. Save on printing costs and shipping expenses by sending digital brochures via email or posting on web site.
  3. Quickly browse through contents and articles – when viewing pages, a simple click gives an enlarged or zoomed view. Readers can also easily print pages of interest.
  4. Deliver your brochure anywhere worldwide that readers have Internet access, at any time, day or night. Purely browser-based – no plug-ins or special software required for the end user.
  5. The interactivity of an on-line brochure means that clients can request further information or place orders with the click of their mouse.
  6. Requests for information can be dealt with instantaneously.
  7. Distribute brochures that can be updated via the Internet. Changes in prices, specifications, content will be featured on all digital brochures even if a prospect received brochure before changes were made.
  8. Image movement, audio and video clips etc can be included or streamed as components of the page, launched by any graphic, image or button that is required.

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