Paperless Brochure : A Trendy Innovation for the Exhibitors

Sales collaterals are some of the most valuable assets of any business organization. This makes it extremely important to stand out from the rest in terms of promoting and ensuring that these sales collaterals reach their right destination – The client’s desk.What could be a more trendy innovation for going green especially for the exhibitors ? How about a paperless brochure!!

Utilizing the innovative high-end technology, it is now possible to take your sales collaterals beyond the client’s desk i.e. to his hand, while moving into a paperless environment. Minimizing the use of paper makes sense from both an economic and eco-friendly perspective.

Digital Brochure | Paperless Brochure  E Brochure
Fate of Brochures After A Trade Show


Migrate To A Paperless World:

Aside from being more convenient for customers and better for the planet, paperless brochures also saves abundance of energy and money for the exhibitors as well. So, what exactly is this idea behind a paperless brochure when the term brochure in itself refers to some printed promotional document.

Digital Brochure | Paperless Brochure  E Brochure
Go Digital!

Transforming into reality, the dream of not bombarding your collaterals in the hand of every passer by at your stall but rather make to just the prospective lead would be something that every exhibitor would dream about and a digital brochure does exactly the same.

Digital Brochure | Paperless Brochure  E Brochure
Paperless Brochure

Few Facebook hacks to promote your event on Facebook

Promoting your event with social media can be really effective, helping you attract more participants and get your current registrant fired up. If you do it right. It takes some work, but the good news is that you can have some fun because these social channels are so casual and interactive. Facebook can be a powerful medium to help drive event ticket sales.

Few Facebook hacks to promote your event on FacebookCreate an event: You should create a Facebook Event via your fan page for any business-related events and keep the personal or social events for your Profile. Once your Facebook event is set up, you can always ask your invitees and ask your fans & friends to invite their friends to share the event on their Profile. This gives you extra viral visibility around Facebook. Plus, don;t forget to upload your digital brochures to DigiBroc and then customize them over to fly to bring in a seamless distribution amongst your social circles.

Make it easy for participants to share their registration on Facebook & get friends to join: Many registration platforms have Facebook integration and this is super important. If you allow people to share their registration on Facebook, you will capitalize on their excitement and get exposure to all of their friends.

Let your fans/friends know that they can purchase tickets on your Facebook fan page directly by posting your ticket shop link on your Timeline regularly.

Few Facebook hacks to promote your event on FacebookGive free stuffs: We are not blowing your minds with a new idea on this one, but we have to include it because always remember that people love free stuff. Hold a contest to give away free entries, or free t-shirts Upload video & picture: What makes your event so special? It doesn’t have to be super fancy, but make a video and pictures that highlights the best and most exciting aspects of your event. Post it on Facebook, YouTube, etc which can be shared.

Frequent Updates: Announcing an event isn’t enough. If people comment, engage them. Draw them into conversation. Give them a reason to post on your event wall. As details change, add them to your event pages. In this case, as we add bands and sponsors, we add them to our digital properties. Not only does this make the information current, but it pushes the information out to the Facebook feeds of those who are involved.

Advertise Your Event: If it’s important to reach a wider audience, some Facebook advertising may be required. Since only some of your fans see a given update from your business, you may choose to reach more of your fans through a Promoted Post. Your event would be beneficial to people who haven’t yet liked your page, you definitely want to take out some targeted Facebook ads. Remind the Facebook community of your event: So much happens so rapidly on Facebook that your event can easily be buried under other posts. So keep your Facebook page to post event reminders again and again with not more than 100-125 characters (not more).

Five tips to optimize your event website for search engines

If you are organising an event , SEO is one of the best effective channels for increasing traffic on your event webpage. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. If you want to enhance your relationship with existing and potential customers this will help you and your event. Designing user-friendly, attractive site helps drive traffic to your doorstep. Creating a site like this will boost both your reputation and profits, so get started today!

Optimize your on-page contentOptimize your on-page content

Creating a website that appeals to search engines can be challenging, but it is critical, if you want your Webpage to generate a steady steam of traffic. That is where effective Webpage optimization tricks will work well.

Keyword research

When it comes to optimization, it’s all about placing the right keyword tags in the key places throughout your site.  These are the: headlines, sub-headlines, body content, image tags, and links.  The key tactic is to place your terms, but not to go overboard with keyword stuffing.  With the recent changes, keyword stuffing will hurt your ranking.

Create quality contentCreate quality content

Good Web content is a critical factor in keeping site visitors interested and coming back for more. It’s also the key to higher search engine rankings. Major search engines typically require you to have at least 200 to 250 words on each Web page. So it’s important to include plenty of valuable content to appeal to search engines-and visitors.

Build links

Think about making your customer’s journey within your website as easy and smooth as possible. The shorter the steps they need to make to find your contact details, to register, or to complete a sale, the higher success rate you would receive. Search engines crawl your website through your navigation links, so if your customers are happily browsing, good chance that search engine crawlers are too.

Get social - Go ViralGet social – Get viral

When you create event profiles for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc., make sure that you include the link back to your site. You would be amazed how many people either overlook this or simply forget to do it. While you may not get a lot of SEO value from the social profile links themselves, but they may surely get picked up elsewhere.

Tip: Give a try to DigiBroc, an online tool that has been created to change the way exhibitors today are delivering their sales collaterals, product information and other critical information that has always been printed in brochures, data sheet or handout format.These materials cost more in printing and shipping to eventually end up in the the trash rather than reviewed for the importance of their content.

Why your business should host an event (And how to run it successfully)

CorporateEventsThese days, almost every top-notch corporate organization have their events that help in reinforcing the company and reaching out to maximum people about the company plans and progress. Events are helpful in reaching towards the right segment audience. Organizing such types of corporate events can greatly improve morale and encourage employees and regular clients to have more belief in the company. Benefits offered by such well-planned corporate events are innumerable. Right from the product launches to press conferences; every business event helps develop a strong relationship between the company’s core team and the potential customers or supporters, thereby enabling them to communicate and share one-on-one thoughts about the company’s development.

event-corporateIt is possible that your target audience using the media would strongly help you push your company’s name a step further by curating media and press releases that will reach thousands or millions of people. This in turn brings in an echo of audience to your future events. Events also play a major role at helping employees to bond together and develop deeper interpersonal relationships. A bond between your employees will surely lead to better team spirit and to reinforce their commitment to the team and encourage the customers by engaging them with these events. Hosting a corporate social event entails of hard work and good organizational skills.

For a successful corporate event, a Corporate Event Planner should get his or her facts straight and then plan everything. A perfect event should have:

  • Contact the necessary people or organizations to discuss possible venues for the events. You can also check out MeraEvents Venues
  • Make sure that the date selected for the Corporate Event is on a date when there will be possibility of maximum numbers of delegates who would be able to attend. You can use MoozUp app to connect with your attendee’s and get them engaged.
  • Try using simple registration process using MeraEvents online platform, thereby giving your audience an opportunity to book the tickets right from their homes.
  • Consider the invitations, decorations and corporate giveaways. You can now upload and customize your digital brochures using DigiBroc.
  • Call out best speakers, so that the event would be very knowledgeable, so that after attending the event, be sure that they be walking away with something of value.
  • During the event photos and videos can be captured, so that it could be uploaded on webpage or social media.
  • Convey a positive message about your company with a memorable corporate event.

Tradeshow marketing tips for the five human senses

Sight power

Sight PowerIt is the most important aspect amongst the five senses when it comes to fair and trade exhibits as displays are the foremost thing which is looked upon.

The prospective buyers may have questions about who you are when they pay a toll at your booth. But, don’t expect them to be much curious as they are surrounded with myriad of options hovering around.

While they enter your booth:

  • An orderly uniform or T-shirts worn by the staff will not only help gaining the attention but, it will also be an aid for attendees to clear their queries on the spot.
  • Logos being clearly displayed and hanging banner signs promotes the brand and is easily recognisable from afar in the event space.

Smell spell          

Smell SpellAfter some researches, it has been considered that smell plays a very important role in social arenas. As per Scents Communication, “Scents as part of a sensory branding strategy will connect consumers to a brand and help increase the brand identification and loyalty.” This approach has been applied in events of few retailers like Samsung and has been successful by far.

Scent affects:

  • Safety and security: Talcum powder
  • Freshness and alertness: Peppermint, citrus
  • Relaxed mind: Lavender, vanilla, chamomile
  • Making look the room smaller: Barbecue smoke
  • Making look the room bigger: Apple, cucumber
  • Buying  furniture: Leather, cedar
  • Buying home: Fresh baked goods
  • Staying for long: Tailored floral/citrus scents

Sound charm

According to Mehrabian, “Feelings when expressed, 7% of words are accountable and 38% of tone, for the liking of that source.” Confidence is the key to sit on the seat of success.

Sounding confident can be easy while:

  • You ensure the team staff members are fluent of answering the frequently asked questions. Absence of any kind of mumbles helps engaging buyers and makes them proceed further.
  • You enhance them to speak in a relaxed manner in order to make those prospective buyers remember you from the hustle-bustle of other booths.
  • You make them add emphasis on certain words or phrases to add clarity to the speech. 

Tantalising taste

Even after putting so many efforts on set up, staff appearance and booth display, attendees just pass by with a shallow glance without any guarantee of coming back. This is because; they have a bunch of other vendors waiting for their attention.

To be more effective of all, another trick which can be put into use is of offering delicious snacks to munch on. The more enticing the food looks, more are the visitors.

This can possibly be gourmet cookies, wonderful smelling coffees or fancy looking cupcakes.

Intriguing touch

A study by few psychologists from Incomm Center suggests that if you shake hands with people, they are twice as likely to remember you than if you didn’t shake hands.

Tips on greeting with handshakes

  • Before shaking hands, introduce yourself to make it more confident.
  • Make it precise by making it for 2-3 pumps i.e., lasting for 3-4 seconds.
  • Avoid doubt-handed shakes as it looks unprofessional.

It is very important to match grips as it differs from person to person. Like, women tend to have a softer grip than men.